Tadashi Kumada(孎揷墰) - Drums
丂ALI -
Fender Bass
丂Yukiya Taneishi(
庬愇岾栫) - 5Strings Bass
Yuichi Onoue(旜忋桽堦) - KaisatsukoRibbon Controller

Wananabani-en(儚僫僫僶僯墍 in Japanese) is Japanese experimental rock/pop instrumental combo who includes two bass guitars , drums and unique eletric handmade musical instruments - Kaisatsuko and Ribbon Controller. The band was formed in 2010 by the musicians who are active in a variety of musical projects in Tokyo. At first, they were playing completely improveised music. But soon after that, they became to play composed music of their own, The background of their music includes rock, pop, jazz, funk, progressive, alternative, math rock, ethnic, dance, contemporary music, free improvisation and so on. And the compositions consist poly-rhythm, irregular meter and unique melodic/chord progression. This band can't be played so much chords, because of their instrument characteristics. It is, if anything, gathered monophonic lines. Nevertheless, this constraint brings the their-ness. And their motto is that making odd/bizarre yet pop/danceable music. In the late of 2013, they completed full album which is called "Wani no Niwa(Garden of Alligators)". Now, They often have gigs mainly in Tokyo. They are expected in the underground music scene.
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Wananabani-en's 1st Album
"Wani No Niwa"

Digitally released from Off Record Label
You can buy it from Spotify, itunes , Amazon, Google play and so on.
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Wananabani-en's 2nd Album

Digitally released from Off Record Label
You can buy it from Spotify, itunes , Amazon, Google play and so on.
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Wananabani-en 1st Album "Wani No Niwa" Promo Video

Wananabani-en 2nd Album "Sugai!" Promo Video(Shot & Edit by Kaz Kudo(Lotusinc)

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Member Profile
Tadashi Kumada(孎揷墰) - Drums
Born in Kanagawa, 1964. Leader and song writer of the band. He had started musical career since early 1980's. He has belonged in many bands, for example, Gal's Attachment, Copass Grinderz丄hi-speed丄Shuttle Loop, Gnu and so on. And he constantly appears "Morgana experimental laboratory" - improvisation music party which is presided by legendry Japanese rock musician Hiroshi Higo. His compositions are often made full use of poly-rhythmic structure. At same time, he also likes playing the drums freely in ensemble.
ALI - Fender Bass
Born in Osaka, 1969. He became conscious of rhythm by local festival called Danjiri. In 1992, he came Tokyo and started musical career. He also belongs in many bands, for example, The Skullaberrys, Deep Count and Hamonigon. In this band, he mainly plays basic bass line with conventional bass sound. His playing has brought stability to the band.
Yukiya Taneishi(庬愇岾栫) - 5 Strings Bass
Born in Shizuoka, 1970. He has started career of bass player since 1990. Thereafter, without being bound to the genre, he is continuing the journey of music. He also belongs in many bands, for example, Eric Jacobsen BAND, Gnu, Time Steppers, E-unit. In this band, he mainly plays the distorted/modulated bass by using many effect pedals. But he also plays conventional bass with ALI. In spite of two bass lines , they intertwine each other beautifully and interestingly.
Yuichi Onoue(旜忋桽堦)
丂- KaisatsukoRibbon Controller

Born in Tokyo, 1969. He has started musical activity since 1980's as guitar and synthesizer player. Soon after that, he also started to develop effect units and electric handmade musical instruments. The main achievements of development are Kaisatsuko(Electric two strings original instrument) and Ribbon Controller(Originally, it was made as alternative interface of Moog synthesizer in late 60's) which are played in this band. He explores a variety of sounds and music of all ages and all world. He plays both improvised and composed music by both solo and band styles. He also writes songs.
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Contact: mail to Yuichi Onoue : torigoya@zn.main.jp

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