Kaisatsuko "experimental fiddle like Hurdy-Gurdy" invented by Yuichi Onoue

Yuichi Onoue plays "Kaisatsuko".

Kaisatsuko which made in 2003.
"Kaisatsuko" is Yuichi Onoue's original handmade instrument. It was made in 2003. It is an electric two strings upright fiddle. But it is not performed with a bow. The rotating wheel (which is rotated by my handling) rubs strings and makes sound like Hurdy-Gurdy.

The translation of the word is as follows:
Kai = Rotation    Satsu = Rub    Ko = Oriental fiddle

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Kaisatsuko Body.

Magnetic pickup is also Handmade.

Live at Shibuya Tokyo in 2005
Selected Video Clips from Youtube

Yuichi Onoue Plays Beatles song "Within You Without You" with Kaisatsuko.

Soy Piano "Improvisation"
Yoko Arai(Piano), Junzo Tateiwa(Tabla), Yuichi Onoue(Kaisatasuko)

Yuichi Onoue plays his original "Blue Room"
more Kaisatsuko video. see this youtube play list.

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