Handmade Ribbon Controller by Yuichi Onoue


Yuichi Onoue Plays "Ribbon Controller".

Onoue's Ribbon Controller system with Analog Oscillator & DigitalEffects.

Onoue's RibbonController Proto which made in 1998.

This handmade electric musical instrument can change a oscillator pitch smoothly, depending on the place which you press down. Ribbon Controller was originally made as a kind of MOOG SYNTHESIZER's controller in late 60's. I made this following its example. And playing style is self-taught.

My ribbon controller is constructed three parts as follow.

"Ribbon controller" - which is made with a film of electric conductor(like black paper which include carbon , or rubber conductive bag. It is pasted to the vinyl chloride seat.) Body is made by conduit pipe which is used at office etc. (show the photos below of this page)

"Handmade simple analog oscilator" - which is include NE555 as main oscilator, and cmos frequency divider. (There is the schematic blow of this page)

"Multi Effect(KORG AX1G)" - Sound of my analog oscilator is just like poor buzzer. But it is processed various sounds by multi effects(like you listened on my youtube videos).

Inside of the Oscillator of Ribbon Controller

Analog Sequencer with Analog Oscillator

Yano, Matsuda & Onoue (Oct 2001)

Live at Tokyo in summer 2007
decompose my ribbon controller

Inside of my Ribbon Controller

Ribbon Part

The ribbon was installed


Schematic of Oscilator Part
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