Onoue Torigoya Sound
since March 1996.
last update July.2011.
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Hello my name is Yuichi Onoue.(尾上祐一)
Japanese musical instruments(both handmade & existing) player, Composer , Musical producer & engineer

I play handmade Ribbon Controller and original musical instruments which is named "Kaisatsuko(回擦胡)" - two strings Hurdy-Gurdy like oriental fiddle. Now I'm mainly playing these two handmade instruments at my live performance. And I also have played them with various musical instrument players. You can check my performance from here.

Side by side, I produce and record my original songs by means of many instruments and multi-track recorder. And I have tried some musical computer programmings which are not only conventional one , but also algorhythm composition(usuing MAX etc) and digital signal processing. I wander about hi-tech to low-tech, analog to digital and various kind of music.

News!! Yuichi Onoue and his handmade musical instruments appear short Japanese TV program Nov.16th 2011
"experimental fiddle like Hurdy-Gurdy" invented by Yuichi Onoue
Ribbon Controller

Onoue's another main handmade instrument.
Other Instruments
& Onoue's Musical Projects

Introducing other musical instruments and performance videos.
Yuichi Onoue on Youtube
I provide many video clips of performance of my musical instruments.
Featured Video from Youtube TorigoyaSound Channel
Wananabani Garden(The band which I belong)

Gallery1:Handmade Musical Instruments

Gallery2:Live Photo Vol.1

Gallery3:Live Photo Vol.2

Gallery4:Live Photo Vol.3

Selected songs which are performed by
Yuichi Onoue(include some band projects)
between 1983 and present day

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Radio Vongole
This station send you music of Yuichi Onoue recorded between 1983 and present day
Contact E-mail me : torigoya@zn.main.jp
!!Attention Please!!
Even if you want my handemade musical instruments(like RibbonController and Kaisatsuko), I can't make them for you. Because I don't have much time to make them for others. Very sorry. Basically I'm not craftworker. Please recognize me as a "MUSICIAN" who also plays handmade musical instruments.
Sixty Interpretations of Sixty Seconds
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I contributed one minute Kaisatsuko solo piece for this album.
List of Musicians who contribute this album is here