Other Musical Instruments
and Onoue's Musical Projects
Vietnamese Guitar
which has extremely scalloped fretboard

Yuichi Onoue - "Asian Blue" composed & played by Y.Onoue.
In this video, I am playing the Vietnamese guitar which has extremely scalloped fretboard. The strong vibrato and pitch bend can be obtained. My friend had bought this guitar as souvenir. It seems that this kind of guitar usually used by the popular music of Vietnam. I am Japanese and I'm playing it in my own style that inspired from Vietnamese guitarists who play the such kind of guitar.
Studio Live in Dec 2006.

Analog Sequencer
This is a handmade analog sequencer which repeats eight notes sequence.

24Equal Temperament Tuned Guitar

This is my original alternative guitar tuning method which can express 24 equal temperament scale. If you are guitarist, please also see method of this tuning.

Videos of my musical projects

recorded in 2004
Multi tracked home recording.
I played all instruments.

Kawasemi House

Dawn of Ancient(古代の夜明け)"
Composed by Yuichi Onoue

Kawasemi House are
Tomoaki Yamada - Custom Bouzouki
Yuichi Onoue - Handmade Ribbon Controller
Takashi Itani - Drums

Studio live at Ohkubo Tokyo on Aug 2008
Photo by Haruhiko "HAL" Motohashi

Hiroyuki,Tsujita & Onoue
aka Oriental Magic Band

Hiroyuki, Tsujita & Onoue
plays "Rhythm of the Way of life"
composed by Hiroyuki.

Hiroyuki Tsujita(辻田浩之)=Wavedrum(Wadaiko)
Yuichi Onoue(尾上祐一)=Handmade Ribbon Controller

Live at Akihabara Goodman (Tokyo)
Sep.24th 2007

Soy Piano

Free Improvise Trio

Yoko Arai - Piano
Yuichi Onoue - Ribbon Controller
Junzo Tateiwa - Tabla , Darbuka

Live at Kouenji Enban on Apr. 5th 2008

Onoue & Hiroyuki

Electric ethno duo project performed by
Yuichi Onoue(Kaisatsuko, RibbonController),
Hiroyuki (Karimba)

Yano, Matsuda & Onoue

Electric Folk Trio Performed by
Yano Hideo (Vo,g,Tamborine) , Mondo Matsuda(Bass), Yuichi Onoue(Ribbon Controller)

Live at Tokyo in autumn 2001

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