TorigoyaSound Historical Photo Album

I would like to thank to all performers who were played with me,
and photographers who took these pictures.

Yuichi Onoue Plays the "Onoue Co-Q" at Musako High School Festival in Autumn 1987

Pure Gold Family Bonds 1st Casset Album"Heisei no Kaishin" Released in 1989

Torigoya Sound (Takaido) - January 1990

Torigoya Sound (Takaido) - January 1990

Torigoya Sound (Takaido) - January 1990

Yuichi Onoue at Torigoya Sound - January 1990

Pure Gold Family Bonds 1990
Yuichi Onoue(All Instruments), President Henry Matsuzono(Art Work)

Pure Gold Family Bonds 2nd Cassette Album"Jiheiteki Katsudouka" Released in 1992

Jyunkin Family Syouken - Nov 1993
Live at Landmark Tower Hall Yokohama
Shinji "Nanzan" Minamiyama(Synth w/Handmade Talk Modulator), Yuichi Onoue(Vo, Bass)
Atsushige Makabe(Vo, Guitar), Minoru Koike(Vo, Poly 800 Synth)

Jyunkin Family Syouken - June 4th 1994
Live at Shinjyuku Seven City Hall
Minoru Koike(Poly 800 Synth), Atsushige Makabe(Vo, Guitar), Yuichi Onoue(Vo, Bass)
Jyunzo Tateiwa(Drums), Shinji "Nanzan" Minamiyama(Synth w/Handmade Talk Modulator)

TorigoyaSound (Takaido) - in 1993

Old Hand Made Effectors which was made and used between 1984 and 1993
Above -- OverDrive Booster / Super Fuzz / AutoWah
Below -- Synth Drum(1984) / Ring Modulator / OverDrive(Boss OD1 Copy) / Compressor(MXR Copy)

Old Machines which was used late 80's and early 90's
Above --- KORG DDM110 Drum Machine / KORG SQD8 Sequenser
Below --- Handmade Distortion / Boss Distortion / Guyatone Gate / Yamaha Limiter / Amdek HandClapper

Old Effects -- bought and used in 80's
Shinei Fuzz/Wah , Amdek Chorus , Amdek Analog Delay , Amdek Hand Clapper

Handmade Micro Computer made by My Father in 80's

TorigoyaSound (Takaido) - in 1995

Yuichi Onoue Solo Album "Onoue Basic"
Released in 1995

Jyunkin Family Syouken - Nov 1995
Takashi Oda(Drums), Atsushige Makabe(Guitar), Yuichi Onoue(Bass)
Minoru Koike(Synth), Syuuji Higashi(Electric Percussion)

Web Site "Torigoya Sound" was opened in March 1996
This picture is web page at that time

Androgena@photo session in 1996
Yuichi Onoue(E.Guitar, Onoue Co-q Electronics), Iria Ramiel(Vocal, Acordion)
Shigeki Suzuki(Drums), Mondo Matsuda(Leader, Bass), Naoki Hoshikawa(Keyboards)
Photo by Noriko "Neight" Funabiki

Yuichi Onoue & Minoru Yonemoto(Composer / Handmade Electric Musical Instruments)
Dec 29th 1997

Onoue's Original MAX Patch "Improviser" made in 1996

Onoue's Original MAX Patch "12Notes Composer" made in 1996

Yuichi Onoue Solo Album "ONOUE++" Released in early 1998

Torigoya Sound (Kichijyouji) - in 1999

Proto of my handmade Ribbon Controllers (2000)

Making History of KAISATSUKO

Torigoya Sound (Sengawa) - in 2003

Psychedelic Omochabako on Oct.28th 2005
ManiNeuimaier & Etsuko, BalanceE, Yuichi Onoue, Hiroyuki

Yuichi Onoue Solo Album "Vongole" Relesed in 2005

TorigoyaSound(Hachiouji) in 2008